Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Sun and the Moon


Once upon a time the Sun and the Moon were married, and they had many
children who were the stars. The Sun was very fond of his children,
but whenever he tried to embrace any of them, he was so hot that he
burned them up. This made the Moon so angry that finally she forbade
him to touch them again, and he was greatly grieved.

One day the Moon went down to the spring to do some washing, and
when she left she told the Sun that he must not touch any of their
children in her absence. When she returned, however, she found that
he had disobeyed her, and several of the children had perished.

She was very angry, and picked up a banana tree to strike him,
whereupon he threw sand in her face, and to this day you can see the
dark marks on the face of the Moon.

Then the Sun started to chase her, and they have been going ever
since. Sometimes he gets so near that he almost catches her, but she
escapes, and by and by she is far ahead again. 

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