Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Mistaken Gifts


When Siagon was about eight years old his parents began looking for
a girl who would make a suitable wife. At last when they had decided
on a beautiful maiden, who lived some distance from them, they sent
a man to her parents to ask if they would like Siagon for a son-in-law.

Now when the man arrived at the girl's house the people were all
sitting on the floor eating periwinkle, and as they sucked the meat
out of the shell, they nodded their heads. The man, looking in at
the door, saw them nod, and he thought they were nodding at him. So
he did not tell them his errand, but returned quickly to the boy's
parents and told them that all the people at the girl's house were
favorable to the union.

Siagon's parents were very much pleased that their proposal had been
so kindly received, and immediately prepared to go to the girl's
house to arrange for the wedding.

Finally all was ready and they started for her house, carrying with
them as presents for her parents two carabao, two horses, two cows,
four iron kettles, sixteen jars of basi, two blankets, and two
little pigs.

The surprise of the girl's people knew no bounds when they saw all
this coming to their house, for they had not even thought of Siagon
marrying their daughter.

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