Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Artificial Earthquake.

There was once in another town a man who had three daughters, all very
beautiful. But one of them had an admirer, who by some means excited
the old man's wrath, and the daughter was sent to a distant place.

This in turn made the young man angry, and he determined to have
revenge. He took a strong rope and attached it to one of the corner
upright posts of the house, and waiting till it was dark and still
inside, he hid behind a tree and began to pull the rope, alternately
hauling and slacking.

"Oh!" said one of the girls, "there is an earthquake." [18]

The old man jumped up and, seizing his crucifix, began to recite
the prayers against earthquakes. But the trembling kept up. For more
than an hour the old man prayed to all the saints in the calendar,
but the earthquake still shook the house.

Then the earthquake stopped a moment, and a voice called him to
come outside. His daughters begged him not to go, for said they,
"You never can stand such a terrible earthquake." Taking his saw,
his axe, and his long bolo, the old man went down, only to find
everything quiet outside. He began to explore the surroundings of
the house to see if he could find the cause of the disturbance, and
fell over the rope. With that he began to curse and swear, saying,
"May lightning blast the one of ill-omened ancestry who has shaken
my house, frightened my family, and broken my bones," and many other
harsh things, but he got no answer but a laugh, and the young man
had his revenge.

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