Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Striped Blanket


Three Tinguian once went to the mountains to hunt deer. They took
their blankets with them, for they expected to be gone several days,
and the nights in the mountains are cold.

The blankets of two of the men were of the blue-and-white designs
such as are commonly worn by the Tinguian, but that of the third was
covered with red and yellow stripes like the back of a little wild pig.

At night the men rolled up in their blankets and lay down under a
tree to sleep; but while the one in the striped blanket was still
awake two spirits came near and saw him.

"Oh," he heard one spirit say to the other, "here we have something
to eat, for here is a little wild pig."

Then the man quickly took the blanket off one of his sleeping
companions and put his own in its place. Very soon the spirits came
and ate the man under the striped blanket.

Since that time the Tinguian never sleep under that kind of a blanket
if they are where the spirits can get them.

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