Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Child Saint

Once there was a child who was different from other children. She
was very quiet and patient, and never spoke unless she was spoken
to. Her mother used to urge her to play in the streets with the other
children, but she always preferred to sit in the corner quietly and
without trouble to any one. When the time came for the child to enter
school, she begged her mother to get her a book of doctrines and let
her learn at home. So her mother got a book of doctrines for her,
and she was able to read at once without being taught. Day after day
she sat in the corner reading her books and meditating.

When she became a little larger she asked to have a little room built
away from the house, where she might remain free from the intrusion
of any earthly thought.

Her mother had this done, and there in the tight little room with no
one to see her she sat. She never tasted the food or drink placed at
her door, and finally her mother, becoming alarmed, made a tiny hole
and peeped through the wall. There sat the child reading her book,
with a huge man standing beside her, and all manner of beasts and
serpents filling the little room.

More frightened than ever, the mother ran to the priest, who told
her that those were devils tempting the child, but not to fear, for
she would certainly become a saint. And it was so, for afterwards the
evil shapes were gone. Then the priest and the people built a costly
shrine and placed her in it, and there the people used to go and ask
her to intercede for them. But at last the shrine was found empty,
and surely she was taken alive into heaven and is now a saint.

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