Friday, January 18, 2013


Implicated in Cavite Mutiny
An army chaplain, Vicente del Rosario y Engracia was one of the Filipino priests who were
arrested by the Spanish authorities for their alleged involvement in the aborted Cavite Mutiny on
January 20, 1872. After a court martial proceeding, however, he was later released together with
Joaquin Basa, Vicente Generoso, and Mariano Sevilla.
The authorities held him as a suspect because as a Filipino priest, he had great influence
over the native soldiers who joined the revolt at the Cavite arsenal.
The object of envy and racial prejudice be the Spaniards like other prominent and liberalminded
Filipinos, he was known to be sympathetic to the secularization movement espoused by
militant Filipino priests. The movement sought to secure for the local clergy equal rights with the
Spanish friars in administering parishes and in gaining appointments to high ecclesiastical offices.
He was released from prison with some help from his friends in the Spanish army.

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