Friday, January 18, 2013

Filipino Martyr: MIGUEL B. LAZA

Suspected Cavite Mutiny Supporter
A choir chaplain of the Manila Cathedral, Fr. Miguel Laza y Benaches was one of the
Filipino priests implicated by the Spanish authorities for complicity in the 1872 Cavite mutiny.
When the mutiny started in the evening of January 20, 1872, Father Laza was sick. He was
staying with Jacinto Zamora, one of the principal suspects of masterminding the mutiny. Jose
Burgos was visiting him at Zamora’s residence when Burgos was arrested together with Zamora.
Later, Father Laza was also arrested because of his friendship with Burgos and Zamora.
Father Laza was sentenced to eights years imprisonment and exile to Marianas Island,
together with Antonio Regidor, Balbino Mauricio, Ramon Maurente, Maximo Paterno, Jose Maria
Basa, Jose Maria Guevara, Agustin Mendoza, Feliciano Gomez, Pedro Dandan, and Anacleto

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