Friday, January 18, 2013

Filipino Martyr: PIO MA. BASA

Suspected Cavite Mutiny Supporter 
A businessman, Pio Ma. Basa was among those suspected of supporting the Cavite Mutiny in January 1872. The authorities based their suspicion on the fact that his sister was married to the editor and publisher of El Eco Filipino and that he maintained an active correspondence with his brother-in-law on political matters, particularly the Spanish administration in the country. 
He was court-martialed, with the letters he had received from his brother-in-law as the evidence used against him. He was sentenced to a prison term of six years and was exiled to the Marianas Island. Together with Pedro Carrillo, Bartolome Ma. Serra, Gervacio Sanchez, Jose Mauricio de Leon, Joaquin Pardo, Toribio del Pilar, Justo Guason, and 14 others made up of priests, lawyers and businessmen, he left Manila for Guam aboard the Spanish mercantile ship Flores de Maria on March 14, 1872. 

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